F.A.Q.: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the library open?

The library is closed, and yet will continue to be active in support of research, study and teaching. In order to minimize the inconvenience for students, researchers and professors, the library services have been reorganised and wll be provided according to new modalities as off-campus services.


Can I borrow books?

No, you can not. Since the library is closed, loan service is suspended, until further notice. Nonetheless, there is a variety of digital contents available, such as ebook, articles published in on-line journals, documents retrievable by means of the databases subscribed by the University of Turin. For farther details, see the pages of our website devoted to the library Resources and to the resorces made available by the publishers in support of research for the COVID-19 outbreak.


When I am supposed to return the books I borrowed before the library got closed?

You do not need to returned any of your borrowed books. AlI loans will automatically be extended by the library staff until the library opens again.


Is the Document Delivery service active?

Yes, it is. The document delivery service provides documents which are not available at the Bobbio library. You can send your request to ill-dd.bobbio@unito.it


I am writing my dissertation and I need help, how can I do?

No worries, our librarians will provide remote research assistance! The service is addressed to all students, with priority given to those who are writing their dissertation or have deadlines to cope with. The research support is provided by librarians expert in the information retrieval in the aras of law, economics, politics, social sciences, and EU-related issues. To request support, please send an email to ricerche.bobbio@unito.it. For farther information, see the page Research assistance in the section #yourlibraryathome of the library website.


What databases are available for remote users?

You can find a list of electronic resources selected by our librarians and sorted by discipline (law, economics, politics, social sciences, and EU-related issues) in the menu Databases, section Resources of this website. Below each resource name you will find the Access modality. The resources classified as belonging to "UniTo Network" or provided through “Remote access” are available for off-campus use. The same holds true for the contents offered by the publishers in support of research for the COVID-19 outbreak.


How can I access the library resources from home?

You can find all information about off-campus in the page Remote access to the electronic resources of this website.


How if I want to know more about the Bobbio library?

You can either write us at the libary email address biblioteca.bobbio@unito.it, or send a message on the chat which automatically pops up when browsing thie library website. By the way, don't forget: you can also find us on Facebook!