Remote access to the electronic resources | Biblioteca Norberto Bobbio EN

Remote access to the electronic resources

To gain remote access to e-journals, ebooks, on-line databases you can log in to the Bibliopass service using your access credentials (SCU). In this case you don’t need to change the configuration of your browser or device. You will be automatically redirected to the resources available, sorted by discipline.


The University online resources that pertain to the Law, Economics and Social Sciences are listed under the menu "Area Socio-Giuridico-Economica" (click to expand).


For any issue, please consult the Bibliopass Instructions guide or fill in the "Bibliopass helpdesk" form.


Besides Bibliopass, off-campus access is granted after configuring the Unito Proxy in your system according to your browser and to the operative system of your device.

Please note that off-campus access to some on-line resources might be limited or denied due to specific contractual restrictions.