Rare and ancient books

Incunables, ancient books (published in Italy and abroad between 1524 and 1830), rare books, historical collections and donations, oversize books, historical journals, manuscripts, letters and papers are collected in the dedicated area, on third floor-C1.


People admitted to the consultation:

  • Professors, researchers, Master and Doctor’s degree students
  • Undergraduates and Final Year Students
  • Scholars
  • Others, certificating their researches on the subject, should bring a surety letter and a valid photo ID to complete the registration process


Guidelines and policies

  • Readers can consult special collections under library staff supervision only
  • No book in sector C1 third floor can be borrowed
  • Special collections materials do not circulate beyond the repository reading room
  • Readers can request up to five books maximum per day and ask the librarian to leave them on deposit (three books maximum) for further consultation
  • Personal property allowed in the reading room is limited; no bags allowed, not even laptop cases


Readers are expected to:

  • Handle library materials with clean and dry hands
  • Handle materials carefully and turn pages gently
  • Keep documents flat on the table and do not lift them up to read


Readers should not:

  • Annotate or underline the books
  • Rest anything on the library materials
  • Leave books unattended
  • Entrust them temporarily to anyone else
  • Drink or eat in the reading room


The reproduction of collection materials is submitted to the Reference & Research Assistance Librarians’ permission.

No photocopies are allowed; readers can take digital pictures, using private cameras or portable scanners, if the state of preservation allows.

The Library provides a Reference & Research Assistance to readers.




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