Print and copy

The all-in-one printers, provided by the firm Alba S.r.l. and positioned on the three floors of the library, allow users to print, scan and copy (within the legal limits of a maximum of 15% of the total pages of the work), blanck and white or colour. A dispenser of the one-use cards to use with the printer devices is located in the library hall, close to the printing centre. PLEASE NOTE: the card dispenser gives no change!




Price of the card: 5 EUROs -  content: 312 CREDITS
Print / copy / scan A4 B/W 2 CREDITS (equivalent to 0.032 €)
Print / copy / scan A3 B/W 3 CREDITS (equivalent to 0.048 €)
Print / copy / scan A4 COLOUR 10 CREDITS (equivalent to 0.16 €)
Print / copy / scan A3 COLOUR 16 CREDITS (equivalent to 0.25 €)
To print
  1. insert your USB key in the specific port near the display
  2. select the function you desire for the machine to perform
  3. browse the folders of your USB key and select the file to be printed, which must be in a PDF, JPG or TIFF format (convert the word files into pdf to print them)
  4. select the green icon in the lower corner of the display before plugging out the USB key

Specific instructions and contact information in case of malfunction or problems are posted on the machines themselves.