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PLEASE NOTE: With the perduring of the COVID-19 pandemic, the access to the library is allowed to institutional users (students, doctoral students, fellows, research technicians, researchers, professors) only.

Advanced reservation via the app Affluences is required. (The app Affluences is available both in Play Store and App Store, as well as on the web at









Students and staff




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External PhD students

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External users

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Final Years Students




Supervisor authorization

Master's degree students

Supervisor master certification

Graduate school  students

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Experts on the subject

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readers registry

PhD students

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Readers registry: users can borrow the book as they are enrolled at University of Turin.

Loan surety: it is necessary to present at the library desk a duly completed form  (SUPENDED due to COVID-19)

Supervisor authorization: it is necessary to present at the library desk a duly completed form.


Books borrowing can be registered at the reference desk (2nd and 3th floor) by the library staff or by the readers themselves using the self check stations.


Loan service at the library desk ends 30 minutes before closing time of the library.

Book return is available without reservation at the self-services kiosk located on the outer side of the library, facing the Dora river, at the following time:


Mon-Fri: 09.00-19.00


For users who have reserved the access to the library seats or services via the app Affluences, it is also possible to return books at the self-services kiosks located on the 2nd and 3r floor.

Please note that books, after having been returned, have to be "quarantinised" for some days. Therefore, they will not be immediately available for a new loan.



Request an item already on loan

If an item is currently on loan, you may place a hold on it online via the catalogue, by logging in with your SCU username and password.

When the book is returned, you will receive an e-mail from the Library notifying you that the book is ready for picking up and that it will be reserved to you and kept on holdshelf for 4 days.



You can renew an expiring loan:

online via the catalogue, by logging with your SCU username and password, by telephone ot at the Reference desk in the Library


You are allowed up to only one renewal for each item; after that, you have to return the book.

Please remember that you cannot renew items booked by another user.


For further information, send an e-mail to