Access to the library | Biblioteca Norberto Bobbio EN

Access to the library

The access to the library is free but, for organisational and security reasons, it is ONLY ALLOWED after registration to Affluences (available in the major app stores as well as and on the web) and consequent reservation of both entry and seat  in the library.


  • After logging in to Affluences, search for the "Norberto Bobbio" library and select it.
  • On your first time using Affluences, you will be requested to provide a valid email address for confirmation: please use the institutional address if you are a UniTo user.
  • On your first reservation you will have to CONFIRM it within two hours from receiving the confirmation email
    (NOTE: in order to avoid further requests for confirmation, flag the "Ricordati di me" option)
  • When booking your access, you will have to choose day and time of entry, the desired duration of stay and the section of the library where you intend to sit
    (NOTE: The reservation is personal and it must be made by the very person who will occupy the seat)
  • You will receive an email with the details of your booking: keep note of them and ABIDE BY your RESERVATION!
  • If you are unable to come to the library in the day and time chosen, you are highly recommended to CANCEL your RESERVATION, so to allow other users to access the library (in the confirmation email received after booking you will find a specific button for cancellation)


After entering the library:

  • VALIDATE your presence by scanning the QR-CODE by the entrance (through the App Affluences or any QR-code Reader)
    (NOTE; Reservations NOT CONFIRMED within 1 hour from the beginning of the chosen time period will be automatically cancelled)
  • If you need to EXTEND your STAY, you are recommended to make a NEW RESERVATION


PLEASE NOTE: for security reasons, the library staff will carry out periodic checks of occupied seats and reservations.



MONDAY - FRIDAY* 08.30 - 19:00*

08.30 - 13.00


(*) Seats in the section for Ancient and Rare Books are available for reservation in the following hours:




MONDAY 09.00 -17.00
TUESDAY 09.00 - 16.30
WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY 09.00 -17.00




According to your needs, you will have the possibility to book the following serveces/workstations:


 Loan Book search / loan / return: reference desk or self-service machines (totem) 30'

Collection of the documents requested  at the  Document Delivery / InterLibrary Loan Service


Desk with socket for laptop*, consultation/ loan/ return, ill-dd, print/ scanning/ copying

PC Workstation** Desk with PC, book consultation/ loan/ return ill-dd, print/ scanning/ copying  















*Most Unito's digital resources are accessible with a laptop connected via wifi after configuring the proxy or logging in to Bibliopass.


**PLEASE NOTE: in order to avoid gatherings and allow an ordered exit from the library, users are invited to leave their seats 15 minutes before the end of each time slot and to follow the instructions given by the library staff.