Section of Political and Social Sciences "Gioele Solari"

The section of Political and Social Sciences "Gioele Solari" collects the book material of the homonymous interdepartmental library of the departments of Social Sciences, Political Studies and History (limited to the History of North America) of the University of Turin. Starting from 2014, it became part of the original nucleus of the current "Norberto Bobbio" library.


Its collections, located in blocks C2 and C3 on the second floor of the Bobbio library, cover the areas of political sciences, sociology, cultural anthropology, with large sections dedicated to prison, gender and women's studies.

The shelves of the central body, arranged in a radial pattern around the stairwell, host examination and general reference texts, linguistic dictionaries, some grammars of African languages, encyclopedias and thematic dictionaries.


The volumes of the section are marked with the shelfmark S* and are fully traceable through the UniTO Catalog.

The texts are arranged in "open shelves" and are directly accessible to users.