Platforms for eBook Lending (Coursebooks, Handbooks)




eBook Digital Platform

The platform provides ebooks on Law, Economic and Business Sciences, and Political-Social Sciences from the publisher Giappichelli.
Conditions of use: The digital loan service is subject to the verification of an OTP code issued automatically by the Portal to the user who intends to consult a book. To receive the verification code, the user must provide their institutional email ( or to which the unlock code will be sent. The loan has a duration of 10 days.



MLOL is the first Italian network for digital lending: the platform makes available for institutional users a wide choice of books in digital format (eBook), in several disciplines, ranging from law to the humanities, from economics to narrative. Collections are being constantly upodating.

Each user can borrow two eBooks per month for a 14 days loan period.

eBooks can be downloaded in ePub and sometimes in PDF format. They can be displayed through either the app Adobe Digital Editions or MLOL reader. Adobe account is required.

The borrowed copies become available for other users only after that the 14 days loan period has expired. It is possible to reserve an ebook which is still on loan.



PandoraCampus is a platform for digital lending of course and text books published by Il Mulino.

  1. Register by selecting "Scegli il tuo accesso" in the yellow "Studenti", and then "registrati" (on the right, above): ignore Facebook, Google, Idem options and, instead, enter the email address used to log in in MyUnito; a mail for confirmationy will be sent to that address;
  2. Log in in Pandoracampus;
  3. View a list of the ebooks available for lending at;
  4. click on "Richiedi prestito" and wait for confirmation;
  5. Get access to the book requested by clicking on "i miei libri" (on the right, above).

Loan period lasts 3 month, but it is possible to return the book in advance (after 60 days). Every book can be borrowed at most by 13 users at the same time.

Multidisciplinary platform for digital loan. A free registration to the platform is required. An ID Adobe is needed as well. It is possible to download and print single book chapters, as well as read online books that are not available for loan.