The Library reopens - Entry by reservation | Biblioteca Norberto Bobbio EN

The Library reopens - Entry by reservation

The Bobbio Library is open. Access is allowed to institutional users only. Advanced reservation via the app Affluences is required.
(The app Affluences is available both in Play Store and App Store, as well as on the web at

PLEASE NOTE: on your first time using the app Affluences you will be asked to enter an email address for confirmation: please use the institutional address only.


Users are allowed to access and use library services as well as to consult the library collections. Lingering in the library for individual study on material that does not belong to the library is NOT ALLOWED.


According to the rules on physical distancing approved by the competent authorities, the number of seats available is limited.

Riservations are subject to the availability of free seats are available. If no free seat is available, the reservation option will be disabled.


When making your reservation you will be given the option to select a time slot for your stay in the library: 



1st 2nd 3rd
MONDAY - FRIDAY* 9 - 11:30* 12:00 - 14:30* 15 - 17.30


PLEASE NOTE: Every user is allowed to reserve just one time slot per day. Multiple reservations will be cancelled.

(*) Seats in the section for Ancient and Rare Books are available for reservation only from Monday to Friday in the first and second time slot.


Since seats are limited, it is highly recommended to respect the reservation. If unable to, please CANCEL it via the app Affluences. 

Access to the library without advanced reservation will NOT BE ALLOWED.


According to your needs, you will have the possibility to book the following serveces/workstations:


 Loan Book search/retrieval and loan registration at the reference desk or at the self-service machines (totem) 30'

Pick up of the documents requested  at the  Document Delivery / InterLibrary Loan Service


Workstation: desk with socket for laptop*, Services: consultation, loan, ill-dd, print/ scanning/ copying

PC Workstation** Workstation: desk with PC, Services: consultation, loan, ill-dd, print/ scanning/ copying 150'


*Most Unito's digital resources are accessible with a laptop connected via wifi after configuring the proxy or logging in to Bibliopass.


**PLEASE NOTE: in order to avoid gatherings and allow keeping physical distancing as prescribed by the measure to contain / contrast the COVID-19 pandemic, users are invited to leave the library 15 minutes before the end of each time slot and to follow the instructions given by the library staff. 


After entering the library, every user must CONFIRM her/his own presence by scanning the QR-CODE at the entry (through the App Affluences or any QR-code Reader).

Reservations NOT CONFIRMED within 1 hour from the beginning of the chosen time period will be automatically cancelled.

When getting into the library, please comply with the following rules:

  • get inside one at a time, wearing the compulsory PPE and keeping at least one metre distance between one another even outside the library while waiting to get in
  • keep a surgical mask during all your stay in the library
  • bring your ID-card or pass
  • disinfect your hands at the entry and during your stay in the library with the spefcific sanitizer (provided)
  • occupy EXCLUSIVELY the seat/workstation that has been assigned to you by reservation and keep it for all the time of your stay (changes are not allowed)
  • wear hand gloves (provided) when consulting volumes in the section for "Rare and ancient  books"
  • refrain from eating (which is NOT ALLOWED within the library)
  • leave the library only when you are done or, exceptionally, when necessary during the reserved time slotin any case for no more than 20 minutes. Before getting back inside, please sanitize your hands.




Loan service is avaiable by reservation via the app Affluences, so to reduce the time of your stay up to what necessary to locate and pick up the books you need and to register them for loan.



In the same way, interlibrary loan and document delivery services are avaiable by reservation via the app Affluences. Please, stay in the library only for the time needed to pick up the requested books/documents.