The Library

Norberto Bobbio Library is the central part of Campus Luigi Einaudi, a fascinating, futuristic structure, enclosed between the mountains and the hills of Turin and the river Dora Riparia.


On October 23 2014, the Norberto Bobbio Library was established by Dean Decree n. 5304 which approved the merging of the following four: Cognetti de Martiis, Federico Patetta, Francesco Ruffini and Gioele Solari with their collections, resources and services. In October 2016 also the European Library "Gianni Merlini" was integrated into the Bobbio Library.


The Library collects more than 650 thousand volumes arranged over 26 kilometers of shelves. It is specialized in law, economics, political and social science and anthropology. Most of the collections are on open-shelves (with a part arranged in mechanical assist mobile systems). Incunabula, ancient and rare books, historical collections and donations, oversize books and historical journals are collected in the dedicated area, preserved in special security conditions and storage.


The Library covers an area of approximately ten thousand square meters and offers about eight hundred seats to readers and ninety stations designated for research.